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Welcome to the interweb home of the DAVE’S GONE BY radio show!

On Vacation! NEXT LIVE EPISODE: Sat, May 6, 11am(Eastern) #604: “TBA” – featuring: Greeley Times, Inside Broadway, Dylan – Sooner & Later, Saturday Segue (In the News).  Listen Live at http://uncosr.serverroom.us:5050/

Any listeners in India? Come see my play! (info below)

Join producer and host Dave Lefkowitz every Saturday, 11am-2pm(Eastern) for three hours of comedy, music, culture, and interviews.
Listen live at http://uncosr.serverroom.us:5050/

Missed our last show?
Listen here: #603 (4/22/17): PLAY ON. Featuring: Greeley Crimes & Old Times, Inside Broadway, Dylan – Sooner & Later (Bruce Langhorne), Saturday Segues (Barbra Streisand, In the News), My Sick Mind (Aaron Hernandez), Potato News.


Visit our audio/video ARCHIVE section (right-hand sidebar under Categories) for programs going all the way back to our very first one in 2002! Plus you can find separate archives of all our interviews, wretched puns, skits, n’ songs.

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Enjoy the best daves of your lives!


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