Dave’s Gone By #471 (6/7/14): The 10th Annual TotalTheater Tony Show


Featuring: A look at the 2013-2014 Broadway season and Tony Award nominees with interviews, trivia, showtunes, Broadway 101 and a theatrical Rabbinical Reflection from Rabbi Sol Solomon.
Guests: UNC Radio Programming Director Matthew Davis, Dave’s wife Joyce Weil and critics: Leslie (Hoban) Blake (Two on the Aisle), Joe Dziemianowicz (NY Daily News), David Finkle (Huffington Post), Rosalind Friedman (The Theater Circuit), Isa Goldberg (President of the Drama Desk), Jesse Green (New York Magazine), Charles Gross (Two on the Aisle), Eva Heinemann (Hi! Drama), Michall Jeffers (TotalTheater.com), Leonard Jacobs (The Clyde Fitch Report), Brian Scott Lipton (Cititour.com), Andy McGibbon (TheAndyGram.com), Ed Rubin (Artes Magazine), Richmond Shepard (TotalTheater.com), David Sheward (Critics Choice Tours), Rabbi Sol Solomon, Elisabeth Vincentelli (New York Post), Matt Windman (AM New York).

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:06:00 GUEST: Matthew Davis
00:12:30 GUEST: Charles Gross
00:23:30 Broadway Stats
00:27:30 Broadway 101 – Part 1 (Last Season)
00:33:30 Broadway 101 – Part 2 (Summer 2013)
00:48:30 Elisabeth Vincentelli
01:04:00 Trivia Question 1
01:07:00 GUEST: Leslie (Hoban) Blake
01:17:00 Broadway 101 – Part 3 (Early Fall 2013)
01:29:00 GUEST: David Sheward
01:38:30 Giveaway I – CD
01:42:00 GUEST: David Finkle
01:58:30 Broadway 101 – Part 4 (Fall 2013)
02:11:00 GUEST: Joe Dziemianowicz
02:22:30 Other Awards
02:27:00 Trivia Question 2
02:30:00 GUEST: Michael Portantiere
02:39:00 Broadway 101 – Part 5 (Mid-Fall 2013)
02:58:00 GUEST: Brian Scott Lipton
03:14:30 GUEST: Michall Jeffers
03:25:00 Broadway 101 – Part 6 (Late Fall 2013)
03:38:30 GUEST: Andy McGibbon
03:55:00 A bit of a Break with Joyce Weil
04:02:00 Broadway 101 – Part 7 (Early Winter 2014)
04:13:00 Trivia Question 3
04:21:30 Broadway 101 – Part 7 (Winter 2014)
04:45:00 GUEST: Jesse Green
04:58:00 GUEST: Leonard Jacobs
05:12:00 Giveaway II – Performing Arts Insider
05:24:30 GUEST: Ed Rubin
05:38:30 Trivia Question 4
05:44:30 GUEST: Rosalind Friedman
05:53:30 GUEST: Eva Heinemann
06:04:30 GUEST: Isa Goldberg
06:19:00 GUEST: Matt Windman
06:32:30 GUEST: Richmond Shepard
06:43:00 Trivia Question 5
06:45:00 Thank You
06:50:30 DAVE GOES OUT

June 7, 2014 Playlist: “The Soul of a Man” (00:29:30; Kinky Boots 2013 Bway cast w/ Stark Sands). “El Choclo” (Forever Tango 1998 Bway cast). “In My Life” (00:35:30; The Beatles). “First Impressions” ({demo version}; 00:41:00 w/ Zachary Levi and Krysta Rodriguez). “Hashmi’ini” (00:43:30; Shlomo Carlebach). “I Don’t Need a Roof” (01:25:00; Big Fish 2013 Bway cast). “Piece of My Heart” (02:00:30; A Night with Janis Joplin w/ Mary Bridget Davies). “The Snow Geese” (promo) (02:09:30; The Snow Geese 2013 Bway cast) w/ Mary Louise Parker). “Laura Benanti Explains the Broadway Plays” (02:21:00) & “Laura Benanti Explains the Broadway Musicals (05:43:00; Laura Benanti). “Stormy Weather” (02:44:30; Etta James). “Who Can I Turn To?” (02:47:30; Il Divo). “I Don’t Understand the Poor” (03:10:30; A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder 2013 Bway cast w/ Jefferson Mays). “Soliloquy” (excerpt) (03:29:00; Macbeth 2013 Bway cast w/ Ethan Hawke). “No Man’s Land/Waiting for Godot” Promo (2013 Bway cast w/ Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen). “The Genius on Cleveland Street” (03:35:00; A Christmas Story the Musical 2012 Bway cast w/ John Bolton). “It Might as Well Rain Until September” (03:53:30; Beautiful – The Carole King Musical w/ Jessie Mueller). (04:06:30; Outside Mullingar 2014 Bway cast w/ Debra Messing & Brian F. O’Byrne). “Bronx Bombers” Advertisement (04:12:00; Bronx Bombers 2014 Bway production). “Wondering” (04:27:00) & “Always Better” (06:51:00; The Bridges of Madison County (w/ Steven Pasquale & Kelli O’Hara). “All the Way” Promo (04:33:30; All the Way 2014 Bway cast w/ Bryan Cranston). “My Nose Ain’t Broken” (04:41:00; Rocky 2014 Bway cast w/ Andy Karl). “Proud of Your Boy” (demo) (04:53:30; Alan Menken). “Here I Go” (06:15:00; If/Then 2014 Bway cast w/ Idina Menzel). “Midnight Radio” (06:29:00; Hedwig and the Angry Inch 2007 Australian cast w/ Blazey Best).

(Pictured from top: Broadway collage, Matthew Davis, Charles Gross, Elisabeth Vincentelli, Leslie (Hoban) Blake, David Sheward, David Finkle, Joe Dziemianowicz, Michael Portantiere, Brian Scott Lipton, Michall Jeffers, Andy McGibbon, Jesse Green, Leonard Jacobs, Ed Rubin, Rosalind Friedman, Eva Heinemann, Isa Goldberg, Matthew Windman, Richmond Shepard, Dave & Matthew Davis, Dave settling back.)

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