Dave’s Gone By #619 (8/26/17): JERREE

Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave’s new Jerry Lewis song (“Jerree”). Plus: Inside Broadway, Dave Goes Off on the hurricane and eclipse, Saturday Segues (Van Morrison, In the News), Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (late august).

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:03:00 DAVE GOES OFF – The Eclipse
00:23:00 DAVE GOES OFF – Hurricane Harvey
01:02:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Van Morrison
01:59:00 Sponsors
02:02:00 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (Late August)
02:29:30 Friends
02:37:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – In the News
03:40:30 Weather
03:42:30 DAVE GOES OUT

August 26, 2017 Playlist: “I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine” (00:19:00; The Ronettes). “Like a Hurricane” {unplugged version} (00:51:00; Neil Young). “Reminds Me of You” (01:04:00), “The Way Young Lovers Do” {live} (01:10:00), “Carry on Regardless” (01:13:00) & “Flamingos Fly” (01:19:00; Van Morrison). “I’m Still Here” (01:52:00; Follies 1971 Broadway cast w/ Yvonne De Carlo). “Tombstone Blues” (02:05:00) & “Dink’s Song” (02:11:00; Bob Dylan). “What was it You Wanted?” (02:16:00; Willie Nelson). “Boxing” (02:38:00; Ben Folds Five). “Shoveling Snow” (02:43:00; Dick Gregory). “Shine on, Harvey Bloom” (02:44:00; Allan Sherman). “The Bells of St. Sebastian” (02:47:00; Nine, 1992 London cast w/ Jonathan Pryce). “Love Song” (02:52:00; John Abercrombie). “Rock Me, Jerry Lewis” (02:56:00; Mike Elliot & Bud LaTour). “Jerree” (03:24:00; Dave Lefkowitz). “Sunday Driving” (03:49:00; Jerry Lewis).

(pictured: Van Morrison, Hurricane Harvey on the Weather Channel, Jerry Lewis)

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