Dave’s Gone By #461 (3/8/14): Mondo Mando


Featuring: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews actor Armando Riesco. Plus: Inside Broadway, Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (daylight), Saturday Segues (John Cale, daylight), Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on upskirt photography

Guests: actor Armando Riesco, Dave’s wife Joyce

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN (HairMax, lost shows, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Daylight Savings Time, the body can heal)
00:47:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – John Cale
01:18:00 Sponsors
01:46:30 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Armando Riesco
02:23:00 More sponsors
02:26:30 Friends
02:39:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (daylight)
03:05:00 RABBI SOL SOLOMON’S RABBINICAL REFLECTION #095 – Upskirt Photography
03:10:00 Weather
03:11:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Daylight
03:32:30 Thank You, Sam
03:41:00 DAVE GOES OUT

March 8, 2014 Playlist: “Working Where the Sun Don’t Shine (The Colorectal Surgeon’s Song)” (00:23:30; Bowser & Blue). “Reading My Mind” (00:50:30), “The Protege” (054:30), “Buffalo Ballet” ({live “Circus” version}; 00:57:30), “Darling, I Love You” ({live “Fragments” version}; 01:01:30), “Pablo Picasso” (01:05:00) & “Mary” (01:08:00; John Cale). “Lucky to Be Me” (01:43:30; On the Town, 1961 studio cast). “Shalom, Santa!” (02:29:00; Carole J. Bufford). “Watching the River Flow” (02:41:00), “Standing in the Doorway” (02:44:30), “Need a Woman” (02:52:30) & “Time Passes Slowly – Alternate Version #1” (02:58:00; Bob Dylan). “Daylight” (03:12:30; The Kinks). “Permanent Daylight” (03:16:00; Radiohead). “Daylight” (03:18:30; Alison Krauss & Union Station). “Daylight Fading” (03:22:30; Counting Crows). “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” (03:42:00; Harry Belafonte).

John Cale
(Pictured from top: Armando Riesco, John Cale, daylight.)

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