Dave’s Gone By #452 (1/4/14): Twinkle Toce


Featuring: Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with lyricist Tom Toce. Plus: Saturday Segues (Phil Everly, Stipe n’ Schlosser), Dylan – Sooner & Later (firsts).

Guests: lyricist Tom Toce, Dave’s wife Joyce

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN w/ Joyce (age-appropriate, parasites)
00:43:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Phil Everly
00:54:00 Dave & Joyce (quiet times & drug mules)
01:11:30 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Tom Toce
02:23:00 Sponsors & Weather
02:29:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (firsts)
02:53:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Stipe & Schlosser
03:20:00 Friends
03:24:00 Upcoming
03:27:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Jan. 4, 2014 Playlist: “Cathy’s Clown” (00:45:00), “Crying in the Rain” (00:47:00), “Bye Bye Love” (00:49:00) & “All I Have to Do is Dream” (00:51:00; The Everly Brothers). “The Sweetness in the Air” (01:08:30) & “Shalom Santa” (01:27:00; Carole J. Bufford). “The Boy From” (01:32:00; Side By Side By Sondheim 1976 UK cast w/ Millicent Martin). “The Night I Fell in Love with Paris” (01:56:00; Jane Monheit). “You Make Me Laugh” (02:19:00; Jennifer Sheehan). “Long Time Gone” (02:30:30), “The First Noel” (02:34:00), “The Water is Wide” (02:36:30), “Things Have Changed” (02:42:00). “Misery Loves Company” (02:54:00), “Kurt Cobain” (03:00:30), “I Wanna Be Madonna” (03:04:00) & “Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich” (03:09:00; Art Paul Schlosser). “Every Day is Yours to Win” (2:57:00), “Sitting Still” (03:01:00), “Supernatural Serious” (03:05:30) & “I am Superman” (03:28:30; R.E.M.).

(Pictured, from top: “Hopelessly in Love” CD art, Tom Toce, Phil Everly – young and old, Art Paul Schlosser, Michael Stipe.)

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