Dave’s Gone By #550 (3/19/16): TRUE DATT


Guests: actress Alicia Dattner, friends Fred Cleaver & Wendy Highby & Jeff Goodman
Featuring: Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with comedienne Alicia Dattner (The Oy of Sex). Plus: Dave chats with Wendy & Fred Highby and former guest co-host Jeff Goodman, Inside Broadway, Saturday Segue (in the news), Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (first & home), Wretched Pun of Destiny (Johnny Cash).

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN (DST, first pitch)
00:30:00 DAVE GOES OFF (politics)
00:49:00 GUESTS: Fred Cleaver & Wendy Highby
01:12:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – In the News
01:37:30 Sponsors
01:40:30 GUEST: Jeff Goodman
02:02:30 INSIDE BROADWAY w/ Jeff Goodman
03:34:00 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Alicia Dattner
04:26:30 Friends
04:36:00 Sponsors
04:41:00 THE WRETCHED PUN OF DESTINY #58 (Johnny Cash)
04:45:00 BOB DYLAN – SOONER & LATER (first & home)
05:02:30 Weather
05:05:00 DAVE GOES OUT

March 19, 2016 Playlist: “Aguas de Marco” (01:13:30; Antonio Carlos Jobim). “Dark Night” (01:17:00; Frank Sinatra Jr.). “Washington DC” (01:21:30; Magnetic Fields). “Springtime in the Rockies” (01:23:30; Tiny Tim). “The World Will Know” (03:28:30; Newsies 2012 Broadway cast). Stand-up excerpt (03:32:30; Alicia Dattner). “Freight Train Blues” (04:49:00), “On the Road Again {Take 1}” (04:51:00) & “Mr. Tambourine Man” (04:54:00; Bob Dylan). “Sex” (05:15:00; Ice T).

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