Dave’s Gone By #430 (7/20/13): Radiator


Featuring: Saturday Segues (radiation, Mick Jagger), Inside Broadway, Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later, Dave Goes Off (Seeing is Believing), the News Gone By, Dave’s “Trayvon” song. (Lost Recording: a chat with Dave’s wife, Joyce).

Note: Technical problems resulted in the first two hours of the original broadcast going unrecorded. As such, the interview with Dave’s wife is lost. However, Dave re-recorded the other segments – including Inside Broadway and the News Gone By – later that day to recreate the first part of the show. From the Bob Dylan segment on, the recording is from the original broadcast.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:07:00 Sponsors
00:11:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Radiation
01:01:30 NEWS GONE BY (including Dave’s song, “Trayvon”)
01:14:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (AmericanaramA)
01:49:00 DAVE GOES OFF – Seeing is Believing?
02:02:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Mick Jagger
02:20:30 Weather, Friends & Thanks
02:27:00 DAVE GOES OUT

July 20, 2013 Playlist: “Love Radiates Around” (00:11:30; The Roches). “Power and Glory” (00:16:30) & “Sword of Damocles” (00:37:30; Lou Reed). “Passion Play (When all the Slaves are Free)” (00:21:00; Joni Mitchell). “Radiation” (00:26:00; Gavin DeGraw). “Radiation” (00:30:00; The Apples in Stereo). “Frank Sinatra” (00:33:30; CAKE). “Fade Away and Radiate” (00:41:00; Blondie). “Promo for `Still Jewish After All These Years'” (00:58:30; Avi Hoffman). “Trayvon” (01:04:30; Dave Lefkowitz). “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” (01:16:30), “Duquesne Whistle” (01:24:00), “All Along the Watchtower” (01:33:00), “Early Roman Kings” (01:35:30) & “Blind Willie McTell” (01:41:00; Bob Dylan). “Simple Twist of Fate” (01:29:30; Jeff Tweedy). “Street Fighting Man” (02:03:30), “All Sold Out” (02:06:30), “Tumbling Dice” (02:08:30), “Play with Fire” (02:12:30), “19th Nervous Breakdown” (02:14:30) & “The Last Time” (02:28:00; The Rolling Stones).

(pictured: Mick Jagger, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Boston aftermath, Americana festival poster, caution: radiation.)

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