Dave’s Gone By #414 (3/2/13): Li’l Avner

a1Note: Audio difficulties necessitated the re-recording of the opening segment and some over-modulation of the volume in the first part of the show.

Featuring: Rabbi Sol Solomon’s chats with mime and clown Avner “The Eccentric” Eisenberg and with actor-singer Chuck Muckle. Plus: Inside Broadway, a Saturday Segue (Lou Reed’s birthday) and Rabbi Sol on disappearing delis.

Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guests: singer Chuck Muckle, clown Avner “The Eccentric” Eisenberg.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:03:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Lou Reed
00:44:30 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Avner “The Eccentric” Eisenberg
01:41:00 Sponsors
01:53:00 DAVE SAYS BYE – Bonnie Franklin
01:58:00 RABBI SOL SOLOMON’S RABBINICAL REFLECTION #059 – Disappearing Delis
02:04:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (clowns)
02:26:00 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Chuck Muckle
03:11:00 Friends
03:14:30 DAVE GOES OUT

March 2, 2013 Playlist: “Growing Up in Public” (00:03:30), “How Do You Think it Feels” (00:11:00), “The Blue Mask” (00:15:00) & “Satellite of Love” (00:23:00). “I’m Waiting for the Man” (00:06:30) & “I’ll Be Your Mirror” ({live} 00:20:00; The Velvet Underground). “Electricity” (00:41:30; Joni Mitchell). “Queen Jane Approximately” (02:05:00), “Shake Shake Mama” (02:10:30; Bob Dylan). “Like a Rolling Stone” (02:18:30; Bob Dylan & the Band). “Abandoned Love” (02:14:00). “Turn Another Corner” (02:27:00; Chuck Muckle). “Applause” (03:16:00; Applause Broadway cast w/ Bonnie Franklin on 1970 Tony Awards).
pictured: Avner The Eccentric, Chuck Muckle, Lou Reed, Bonnie Franklin.

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