Dave’s Gone By #412 (2/16/13): Pres Play

Featuring: A pre-President’s Day show with Saturday Segues (presidents, Yoko Ono), Inside Broadway, Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (shooting stars), News Gone By and Rabbi Sol Solomon on the Pope’s retirement.

Host: Dave Lefkowitz

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:09:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Presidents (Part 1)
00:55:30 Sponsors
01:02:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Yoko Ono
01:40:30 Weather
01:41:30 NEWS GONE BY
01:52:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (shooting stars)
02:31:30 RABBI SOL SOLOMON’s RABBINICAL REFLECTION #57 – Pope Benedict Resigns
02:40:30 Friends
02:47:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Presidents (Part 2)
03:11:30 DAVE GOES OUT

Feb. 16, 2013 Playlist: “Young Americans” (00:10:00; David Bowie). “On the Nickel” (00:15:00; Tom Waits). “Who Needs the Peace Corps?” (00:21:30). “Arthur” (The Kinks; 00:24:00). “Burn On” (Randy Newman; 00:29:00). “Poppa Knows Best” (Two By Two 1970 Bway cast w/ Danny Kaye; 00:52:00). “Yang Yang” (01:11:00), “What a Mess” (01:14:30), “Listen the Snow is Falling” (01:17:00), “I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window” (01:20:30), “Toyboat” (01:28:00), “A Story” (01:31:30) & “We’re All Water” (01:34:00) & “Hard Times are Over” (03:13:30; Yoko Ono). “The Ballad of John and Yoko (The Beatles w/ John Lennon; 01:25:00). “I Had to Kill that Rabbit” (01:48:00; Tom Paxton). “Changing of the Guards” (01:53:00), “Union Sundown” (01:59:30), “Desolation Row” (02:05:00), “Romance in Durango” ({live 1975}; 02:16:30) & “Shooting Star” ({live MTV Unplugged version; 02:21:30; Bob Dylan). “Mr. Wilson” (02:47:00; John Cale). “Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy” (“Once” {film soundtrack w/ Glen Hansard}; 02:50:30). “Captain Kennedy” (Nikki Sudden; 02:51:30). “The Campaigner” (02:55:30; Neil Young). “Famous Blue Raincoat” (02:59:00; Tori Amos). “The Dreaming” (03:04:00; Kate Bush).

Yoko Ono
(pictured: The Presidents, Yoko Ono, Pope Benedict.)

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