Dave’s Gone By #387 (5/26/12): Nostrildamus


Featuring: Dave chats with theatrical director Michelle Bossy. Plus: Rabbi Sol Solomon and his dear wife Miriam Libby chat with nasal expert Dr. Hana Solomon. Also: Inside Broadway, Saturday Segues, Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later, and Dave Goes Off on the Seven Words.

Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guests: director Michelle Bossy, physician Dr. Hana Solomon

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:10:30 DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL – Taj Mahal
00:14:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Taj & Doc
00:28:00 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon & Miriam Libby Solomon interview Dr. Hana Solomon
01:32:00 GUEST: Michelle Bossy
02:03:00 Sponsors
02:08:00 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later: Bein’ Born
02:39:30 DAVE GOES OFF – Carlin’s Words
02:54:30 Thanks & Friends
02:58:30 DAVE GOES OUT

May 26, 2012 Playlist: “Lovin’ in My Baby’s Eyes” (00:15:00) “Fishin’ Blues” (00:22:00; Taj Mahal). “Make Me a Pallet on Your Floor” (00:18:00; Doc Watson). “Everybody Knows” (00:26:00; Leonard Cohen). “Noses Run in My Family” (01:06:00; Benny Bell). “Everybody’s Trying to Be My Baby”; 01:21:00; The Beatles). “Plug Me In” (01:59:00; George Harrison). “Born in Time” (02:09:30), “Jokerman” (02:13:30), “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (02:19:30), “Freight Train Blues” (02:27:30) & “Shelter from the Storm” (02:30:00; Bob Dylan). “Seven Words You Can Never Say on TV” (02:47:00; George Carlin).

(Pictured from top left: Dr. Hana Solomon, Nasopure in action, Michelle Bossy, George Carlin, Rabbi Sol Solomon, Taj Mahal.)

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