Dave’s Gone By #374 (1/28/12): Would Gillette Us In?

a1Featuring: Dave chats with actress Anita Gillette and special-effects coordinator Steve Wolf. Also: Inside Broadway, Saturday Segue (Dick Kniss), Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (Shadows), and Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection (Jewish GPS).

host: Dave Lefkowitz
guests: actress Anita Gillette & special-effects wiz Steve Wolf

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:13:00 DAVE SAYS BYE – Dick Kniss
00:33:30 GUEST: Anita Gillette
01:27:00 Sponsors
01:37:30 GUEST: Steve Wolf
02:18:00 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later (shadows)
02:38:00 Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection – Jewish GPS
02:42:00 INSIDE BROADWAY – news & Nicol
02:58:00 Friends
03:02:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Jan. 28, 2012 Playlist: “Whatshername” (00:16:30), “On a Desert Island” (00:25:00) & “The Song is Love” (00:27:00; Peter Paul & Mary). “Sunshine On My Shoulders” (00:20:00; John Denver). “The Secret service” (00:31:00) & “I’m Gonna Get Him” (01:24:30; Mr. President, Original Broadway cast). “Big Science” (Laurie Anderson; 01:34:30). “She Blinded Me With Science” (Thomas Dolby; 02:12:30). “New Morning” (02:19:00), “New Pony” (02:22:30), “This Dream of You” (02:27:00) & “Eternal Circle” (Bob Dylan; 02:33:00). “Away From You” (Rex, original Broadway cast).
(pictured: Anita Gillette, Steve Wolf and his book, Nicol Williamson & Dick Kniss.(/em>

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