Dave’s Gone By #561 (6/11/16): THE 12TH ANNUAL TOTALTHEATER TONY SHOW


Guests: lyricist Glenn Slater (School of Rock), Dave’s wife Joyce, critics Joe Dziemianowicz (NY Daily News), Elisabeth Vincentelli (NY Post), Jeff Myhre (NY Theater Guide), Ed Rubin (Artes), Charles Gross (Two on the Aisle), Leslie (Hoban) Blake (Two on the Aisle), Eva Heinemann (Hi! Drama), Jeff Myhre (NY Theater Guide), Simon Saltzman (Outer Critics Circle), Ellis Nassour (TotalTheater).

Featuring: A look at the 2015-2016 Broadway season and Tony Award nominees with interviews (including Tony-nominated lyricist Glenn Slater), trivia, showtunes, Broadway Timeline, a giveaway, and Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the Tonys.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN w/ Joyce
00:28:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 1
00:37:00 GUEST: Eva Heinemann
00:49:30 GUEST: Jeff Myhre
00:58:30 Sponsors
01:00:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 2
01:10:00 TRIVIA, Part 1
01:18:30 GUEST: Simon Saltzman
01:30:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 3
01:43:30 GUEST: Elisabeth Vincentelli
02:01:00 Sponsors
02:08:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 4
02:26:00 GUEST: Joe Dziemianowicz
02:40:00 GIVEAWAY
02:46:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 5
03:01:30 TRIVIA, Part 2
03:10:30 GUEST: Glenn Slater
03:51:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 6
04:12:00 GUEST: Leslie (Hoban) Blake
04:28:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 7
04:37:00 RABBI SOL SOLOMON’S RABBINICAL REFLECTION #140 – The 2016 Tony Awards
04:44:00 Sponsors
04:47:30 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 8
05:01:30 GUEST: Ellis Nassour
05:13:30 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 9
05:30:30 GUEST: Charles Gross
05:53:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 10
06:12:00 TRIVIA, Part 3
06:17:00 BROADWAY TIMELINE, Part 11
06:35:00 Thank Yous
06:40:30 GUEST: Ed Rubin
07:01:00 DAVE GOES OUT

June 11, 2016 Playlist: “Ring of Keys” (00:21:30; Fun Home 2015 Broadway cast). “I Still Believe” (00:35:00; Amazing Grace 2015 Broadway cast w/ Erin Mackey). “Alexander Hamilton” (01:01:30; Hamilton 2016 Broadway cast). “The Mirror-Blue Night” (01:41:30; Spring Awakening 2006 Broadway cast). “Star Tar” (02:23:30; Dames at Sea 1969 London cast). “Mega-Mix” (02:55:30; On Your Feet 2016 Broadway cast). “Here at Horace Green” (03:11:00), “Where Did the Rock Go” (03:27:00) & “Stick it to the Man” (03:44:30; School of Rock 2016 Broadway cast). “Ishi Kara Ishi” (03:54:00; Allegiance 2015 Broadway cast w/ George Takei & Lea Salonga). “Miss Celie’s Pants” (04:10:00; The Color Purple 2016 Broadway cast w/ Cynthia Erivo). “Do You Love Me” (04:31:30; Fiddler on the Roof 2016 Broadway cast w/ Danny Burstein & Jessica Hecht). “Promotional Reel” (04:58:00; Disaster 2016 Broadway cast). “Ice Cream” (05:19:00; She Loves Me 1963 Broadway cast w/ Barbara Cook). “Sun is Gonna Shine Again ” (05:27:30; Steve Martin & Edie Brickell). “Everything Changes” (06:08:30; Waitress 2016 Broadway cast w/ Jessie Mueller). “Everlasting” (06:22:00; Tuck Everlasting 2016 Broadway cast w/ Sarah Charles Lewis). “I’m Cravin’ for That Kind of Love” (06:31:00; Shuffle Along w/ Eubie Blake & Noble Sissle). “Sun is Gonna Shine Again” (07:09:30; Bright Star 2016 Broadway cast w/ Carmen Cusack).


(pictured: Glenn Slater, Leslie (Hoban) Blake, Joe Dziemianowicz, Charles Gross, Eva Heinemann, Jeff Myhre, Ellis Nassour, Ed Rubin, Simon Saltzman, Elisabeth Vincentelli)

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