Dave’s Gone By #534 (11/28/15): HOO-RAE


Featuring: Rabbi Sol Solomon chats with actress Charlotte Rae (“The Facts of Life”). Plus: Inside Broadway, Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later, Saturday Segues (Randy Newman, Allan Sherman), Greeley Crimes & Old Times, a call from Frendy, and more!

Host: Dave Lefkowitz
Guests: actress Charlotte Rae, friends Fred Cleaver and Wendy Highby, Dave’s wife Joyce

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN w/ Joyce (“The Facts of Life,” Small-Business Saturday, The Miracle of Long Johns, “Angels Hamilton III, Esq.”)
00:50:00 GUESTS: Fred Cleaver & Wendy Highby
01:40:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Randy Newman
02:02:00 Sponsors
02:26:30 GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Charlotte Rae
03:27:30 BOB DYLAN – Sooner & Later
03:47:00 Friends
03:53:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Allan Sherman
04:10:00 Weather
04:12:30 DAVE GOES OUT

Nov. 28, 2015 Playlist: “The World isn’t Fair” (01:43:30), “Dr. Sayer” (01:46:30; “Awakenings” 1991 film soundtrack), “The One You Love” (01:48:00) & “Ragtime” (01:55:00; Randy Newman). “Memo to My Son” (01:51:30; Guster). “Ease on Down the Road” (02:24:30; The Wiz 1975 Broadway cast w/ Stephanie Mills & Hinton Battle). “Chin Up, Ladies” (02:27:30) & “The Shape of Things” (03:18:00; Charlotte Rae). “Ballad of Dependency” (02:55:00) & “How to Survive” (02:59:00; The Threepenny Opera off-Broadway cast w/ Charlotte Rae). “The Times They are a-Changin’ (03:31:00; The Beach Boys). “Saved” (03:33:30), “Travel On” (03:37:00) & “Santa Fe” (03:40:00; Bob Dylan). “The Kiss of Meyer” (03:57:00), “Smog Gets in Your Eyes” (03:59:30), “Headaches” (04:01:00) & “Oh Boy” (04:03:30; Allan Sherman). “December Rains” (04:16:00; John Cale).

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