Dave’s Gone By #366 (11/5/11): OPENING DAWES


Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guests: actress Phyllis Newman & Dawes bassist Wylie Gelber
Featuring: Dave chats with two-time Tony-winning actress Phyllis Newman and with Wylie Gelber, bass player for the roots band, Dawes Plus: Inside Broadway (reviews of The Judy Show & Voca People), Saturday Segue (time changes), Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (times a-changin’), and Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the Kardashian divorce.

Note: An audio glitch glitch towards the one-hour mark rendered about five minutes of the program unrecorded but did not affect the rest of the broadcast or audio archiving.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:08:00 Dave on Dawes
00:25:30 DAVE GOES OFF on Daylight Savings Time
00:29:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: time changes
00:53:30 GUEST: Phyllis Newman
01:19:00 AD: Shalom Dammit – An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon
01:21:00 INSIDE BROADWAY (news (01:21:30), The Judy Show (01:27:00) & Voca People (01:30:00)
01:49:00 GUEST: Wylie Gelber
02:20:00 Sponsors
02:23:30 Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the Kardashian divorce
02:27:00 Friends
02:32:00 Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (times a-Changin’)
02:46:00 DAVE GOES OUT w/ Joyce Weil

Nov. 5, 2011 Playlist: “My Girl to Me” (00:16:00), “Time Spent in Los Angeles” (01:37:00), “The Way You Laugh” (01:41:30), “Come Back to a Man” (01:45:00), “How Far We’ve Come” (02:13:30) & “When My Time Comes” (02:54:00; Dawes); “Time to Ring Some Changes” (live) (00:29:30; Richard Thompson); “Turning Time Around” (00:32:30; Lou Reed); “Beat the Time” (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians; 00:37:00); “Time Precious Time” (00:40:00; Lindsey BUckingham); “Who Knows Where the Time Goes” (00:44:00; Eva Cassidy); “What’s New at the Zoo” (00:50:00; Do Re Mi 1999 off-Broadway cast); “Casual” (01:16:00; Julius LaRose & Phyllis Newman); “Black Crow Blues” (02:32:30), “Where are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)” (02:35:00) & “Highlands” (excerpt, 02:42:00; Bob Dylan).
Phyllis Newman
(pictured: Phyllis Newman now & then, Dawes “North Hills” album cover, Wylie Gelber, Judy Gold, Voca People)

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