Dave’s Gone By #355 (6/11/11): THE 7th ANNUAL TOTALTHEATER TONY SHOW


Host: Dave Lefkowitz
Guests: Jonathan Abarbanel (theater critic, WBEZ Radio), John Ekeberg (programming & operations director, Denver Center Attractions), Leslie (Hoban) Blake (vice president, Drama Desk), Rosalind Friedman (theater critic, WMNR adio), Eric Grode (critic, New York Times), Brian Scott Lipton (editor, TheaterMania.com), Michael Portantiere (columnist, BroadwayStars.com), Michael Riedel (columnist, New York Post), Simon Saltzman (president, Outer Critics Circle), Richmond Shepard (producer), David Sheward (editor, BackStage). Bonus Guest: Paul Williams (composer, recorded June 2010).

Featuring: Dave celebrates the Tony Awards with NYC theater critics making picks and predictions on the 7th Annual TotalTheater Tony show. Plus: Chicago critic Jonathan Abarbanel, The Denver Center’s John Ekeberg, Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the Tonys, and a chat with composer Paul Williams.

Note: Technical difficulties added slight audio hiccups and truncated the recorded versions of interviews with Leslie (Hoban) Blake and Jeff Goodman. Apologies!

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:03:00 GUEST: Michael Riedel
00:34:00 GUEST: Eric Grode
00:52:30 DAVE: Sponsors & Quiz, part one
00:57:30 GUEST: Brian Scott Lipton
01:18:00 GUEST: John Ekeberg
01:39:00 GUEST: Simon Saltzman
01:52:30 GUEST: Rosalind Friedman
02:05:00 GUEST: Jonathan Abarbanel
02:21:30 GUEST: Michael Portantiere
02:36:30 GUEST: Richmond Shepard
02:51:30 Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on the 2011 Tony Awards
02:59:00 GUEST: David Sheward
03:20:00 Quiz, part two
03:26:30 Dave – post-show message
03:30:30 GUEST: Leslie (Hoban) Blake
03:42:30 GUEST: Jeff Goodman
03:49:00 Quiz, part three
00:25:30 DAVE GOES OUT
03:56:30 BONUS GUEST: Paul Williams (2010)

June 11, 2011 Playlist: (part one) “Overture” (00:00:02) & “The Company Way” (02:03:00) & “Exit Music” (03:54:30; How to Succeed in Business…, 2010 Bway cast), “Southern Days” (00:30:00) & “It’s Gonna Take Time” (02:08:30; The Scottsboro Boys, 2010 off-Bway cast); “Hello” (00:46:30) & “Turn it Off” (03:23:30; The Book of Mormon, 2011 Bway cast), “Finishing the Hat” (00:50:00; Sunday in the Park with George, 1984 Bway cast), “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (01:14:30; Thoroughly Modern Millie, 2002 Bway cast). “Mad Tea Party” (01:32:00) & “Home” (02:47:30; Wonderland, 2011 Bway cast); “Tonight’s the Night” (01:33:00; Crazy for You, 1992 Bway cast); “Now I Have Everything” (01:34:30; Fiddler on the Roof, 1964 Bway cast); “Someday” (01:36:30; Memphis, 2010 Bway cast); “By the Sea” (01:48:30; Sweeney Todd, 1979 Bway cast); “If This isn’t Love” (02:19:00; Finian’s Rainbow, 1947 Bway cast); “It’s De-lovely” (02:33:00; Anything Goes, 1962 off-Bway cast); “The Song that Goes Like This” (03:16:00; Spamalot, 2005 Bway cast).


(pictured: Tony Awards, Michael Riedel, Eric Grode, Brian Scott Lipton, John Ekeberg, Simon Saltzman, Rosalind Friedman, Jonathan Abarbanel, Michael Portantiere, Richmond Shepard, Rabbi Sol Solomon, David Sheward, Leslie (Hoban) Blake, Jeff Goodman, Paul Williams.)

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