Dave’s Gone By #341 (1/29/11): BYTE ME

a1Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guest: Ross Brown

Featuring: Dave chats with TV writer Ross Brown (“The Cosby Show,” “Byte-Sized Television”). Also: A musical farewell to Jack LaLanne, Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later,” and Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on Taco Bell.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:10:00 DAVE SAYS BYE to Jack LaLanne
00:18:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – Fitness
01:04:00 GUEST: Ross Brown
02:03:30 Sponsors
02:11:30 Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later”
02:37:00 Dave on Groundhog Day
02:42:00 Weather & Sponsors
02:47:30 Rabbinical Reflections with Rabbi Sol Solomon – Taco Bell
02:59:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Jan. 29, 2011 Playlist: “Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes” (00:18:30; Tom Paxton). “Running to Stand Still” (00:21:00; U2). “The Hardy Boys at the Y” (00:25:30; aka “The Untitled”; Loudon Wainwright III; 00:25:30). “Face Exercises” (00:30:30; Jack LaLanne). “Jumping Jack Flash” (00:35:00; The Rolling Stones). “Workout Buddies” (University; 00:38:30), “You’re So Physical” (Adam Ant; 00:41:30), “Let’s Get Physical” (Olivia Newton John; 00:46:00), “Chicken Fat” (Robert Preston; 00:57:00). “TVC 15” (01:59:00; David Bowie). “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?” (02:12:00), “Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat”) (02:15:00), “Not Dark Yet” (02:21:30), “Dark Eyes” (02:28:00), “Winterlude” (02:33:00) & “Winter Wonderland” (02:35:00) (Bob Dylan), “Regyptian Strut” (02:54:30; Frank Zappa).
(pictured: Ross Brown, Jack LaLanne, Taco Bell.)

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