Dave’s Gone By #339 (1/15/11): BELL TOWERS

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guests: author Joel Samberg (“Grandpa Had a Long One”) & press agent Jonathan Slaff.

Featuring: Dave chats with author Joel Samberg, the grandson of late novelty-song king, Benny Bell. Also: A talk with public relations expert Jonathan Slaff about his years working with Ellen Stewart of La MaMa E.T.C. Plus: Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflections on MLK, and Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later.”

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:16:00 GUEST: Jonathan Slaff
00:44:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – Margaret Whiting & Broadcast
00:56:00 GUEST: Joel Samberg
02:06:00 Sponsors
02:14:00 Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later”
02:38:00 Contest & Sponsors
02:46:30 Rabbinical Reflections with Rabbi Sol Solomon: “MLK”
02:56:00 Weather
02:59:00 DAVE SAYS BYE: Margaret Whiting
03:00:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Jan. 15, 2011 Playlist: “She’s Still Got It” (00:05:30), “Noses Run in My Family” (00:55:30), “Go Take a Ship for Yourself” (01:06:30), “Pincus the Peddler” (01:32:30) & “Everybody Wants My Fanny” (02:00:30) (Benny Bell), “Shaving Cream” Paul Wynn (arr. Benny Bell) (01:23:00). “Come On, Let’s Go” (00:12:30) & “Paper Cuts” (00:47:00; Broadcast). “Time After Time” (00:44:00), “My Foolish Heart” (00:50:30) & “It’s Great to Be Alive” (Margaret Whiting; 03:01:00). “Mama, You Been On My Mind” (02:14:30), “Tough Mama” (02:17:30), “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” (02:21:30), “Belle Isle” (02:24:00), “Moonlight” (02:27:00), “Silver Bells” (02:30:00) & “Ring Them Bells” (02:32:30) (Bob Dylan). “A Tribute to a King” (02:51:30; William Bell).
(Pictured: Joel Samberg, “Grandpa had a Long One,” Trish Keenan, Martin Luther King, Jack Wrangler & Margaret Whiting, Jonathan Slaff, Ellen Stewart.)

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