Dave’s Gone By #332 (11/06/10): TO THE MAX


host: Dave Lefkowitz

guest: Max McLean (The Screwtape Letters)

Featuring: Dave chats with Max McLean, star of off-Broadway’s The Screwtape Letters.


Note: Owing to technical difficulties, some portions of the original broadcast were not recorded. A re-recorded opening segment has been added, and a couple of songs have been omitted from the archive.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:17:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: devilry
00:23:00 GUEST: Max McLean
00:50:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: more devilry
01:13:00 Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later” (election time)
01:45:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Nov. 6, 2010 Playlist: “Go On Ahead” (Liz Phair; 00:05:00), “Lesson in Survival” (Joni Mitchell; 00:08:00), “Razor Love” (Neil Young; 00:11:00), “Friend of the Devil” (Grateful Dead; 00:17:00), “The Devil’s Been Busy” (Traveling Wilburys; 00:20:00), “Devil’s Haircut” (Beck; 00:49:00), “Devil in Her Heart” (The Beatles; 00:52:00), “Up Jumped the Devil” (Nick Cave; 00:55:00), “Straight to Hell” (The Clash; 01:00:00), “November” (Tom Waits; 01:05:00), “Remember” (John Lennon; 01:09:00), “Political World” (01:13:00), “Ballad of a Thin Man” (live 1966) (01:16:00), “This Land is Your Land” (01:23:00), “World Gone Wrong” (01:29:00) & “I’ve Got My Mind Made Up” (01:33:00) (Bob Dylan), “Veteran’s Day Poppy” (Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band; 01:36:00), “If I Were a Rich Man” (“Fiddler on the Roof,” original Broadway cast; 01:40:30).


(pictured: Max McClean, The Screwtape Letters, Bob Dylan.)

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