Dave’s Gone By #330 (10/16/10): WUNTCH HOUR

a1Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guests: film critic Philip Wuntch & Dave’s wife Joyce.

Featuring: Dave chats with former Dallas Morning News film critic, Philip Wuntch. Plus: Music about the Lone Star State.

Notes: Apologies for the audio echo here; couldn’t fix it.

00:00:00 DAVE GOES IN
00:01:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: miner songs
00:26:00 Dave
00:33:30 SATURDAY SEGUE: Texas songs
00:57:00 Dave on the Texas tunes
01:05:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: more Texas songs
01:21:00 Dave
01:30:00 BOB DYLAN: Sooner & Later
02:00:00 Guest – Philip Wuntch
02:51:00 Guest – Joyce Weil
02:37:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – motion pictures
02:54:00 Sponsors
02:56:30 DAVE GOES OUT

Oct. 16, 2010 Playlist: “Underground” (00:01:30; Tom Waits), “I Me Mine” (00:03:30; Beatles), “Sixteen Tons” (00:05:30; The Weavers). “Sixteen Tons” (00:07:30; Mickey Katz), “Clementine” (00:10:30; Tom Lehrer), “Diamonds in the Mine” (00:13:00; Leonard Cohen). “Blood on the Coal” (00:17:00; “A Mighty Wind,” film soundtrack), “Theme from Shaft” (00:20:30; Isaac Hayes). “You’ll Be Mine” (00:24:00; Howlin’ Wolf). “Texas Chainsaw Halloween” (00:34:00; Dr. Elmo), “Texas Rangers” (00:37:00; Ian & Sylvia). “Texas” (00:40:00; Beat Farmers). “Deep in the Heart of Texas” (00:43:30; Bing Crosby). “West Texas Waltz” (00:46:00; Emmylou Harris), “Theme from `Paris, Texas'” (00:49:30; Ry Cooder). “Palestine Texas” (00:52:30; T Bone Burnett), “Blue Yodel #1” (01:05:00; Jimmie Rodgers), “Flood Down in Texas” (01:08:00; Stevie Ray Vaughan). “My San Antonio Rose” (01:19:00; Michael Parks). “Senor: Tales of Yankee Power” (live) (01:30:30), “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” (live) (01:35:30), “North Country Blues” (01:39:30), “Cat’s in the Well” (01:43:30), “Saved” (01:47:00), “Unbelievable” (1:51:00) & ” (Bob Dylan). “Motion Pictures” (02:37:00; Neil Young). “My Husband Makes Movies” (02:41:30; Marion Cotillard, “Nine” film soundtrack). “Bad Romance” (Lady Gaga; 02:46:00).
1-99.. Philip Wuntch, TV WEEK column mug

(pictured: Philip Wuntch, Texas, miners)

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