Dave’s Gone By #329 (10/9/10): HELLO, DAVEY

Host: Dave Lefkowitz
Guests: UNC radio’s Sam Wood, Dave’s wife Joyce, actress Carol Channing and her husband, Harry Kulijian.

Featuring: Dave chats with Broadway legend Carol Channing (Hello, Dolly!) and her 91-year-old husband, Harry Kulijian. Also, UNC Radio general manager Sam Wood stops in for a chat, as does Dave’s wife, Joyce. Plus: A John Lennon birthday tribute.

00:00:00 DAVE GOES IN w/ Sam Wood and Joyce
00:16:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: John Lennon birthday tribute
00:36:00 MUSIC MIX: Carol Channing
00:43:00 Guests: Carol Channing and Harry Kulijian
02:19:30 A Caller Named Stormy
02:22:00 Sponsors
02:25:00 INSIDE BROADWAY: Bright Ideas (at UNC)
02:31:00 Emails, We Get Emails
02:39:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Oct 9, 2010 Playlist: “Bless You” (00:18:00), “Here We Go Again” (00:29:00) & “Watching the Wheels” (00:32:30), “Love” (02:33:00) (John Lennon). “I Call Your Name” (00:21:30), “Mr. Moonlight” (00:23:30) & “Rain” (00:26:00; The Beatles). “On the Title Number” [00:36:00] (Carol Channing in Hello, Dolly!, bonus track), “Hello, Dolly!” (00:37:00), “It Takes a Woman” (01:53:00), “Finale,” (01:55:30) & “So Long Dearie” [02:35:30] (Carol Channing in Hello, Dolly! original Broadway cast). “Oh! Carol” (02:00:00) (Neil Sedaka), “Let’s Roll” (02:02:30; The Informants). “A Little Girl from Little Rock” (02:03:30), “A Good Man is Hard to Find” (02:07:30), “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” (02:10:00) & “Ain’t Misbehavin'” (02:14:30) (Carol Channing).

(pictured: Carol Channing & Harry Kulijian, John Lennon.)

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