Dave’s Gone By #328 (9/25/10): MOON SHINE


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: radio host Gil Moon

Featuring: Dave chats with actor, KFKA-AM radio host and “50 Plus Marketplace News” columnist, Gil Moon. Also: Bob Dylan – Sooner & Later (moon).

Apologies for the unintended echo effect heard at times during episode.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:05:00 SATURDAY SEGUE: moon songs
00:25:00 GUEST: Gil Moon
00:41:00 Bob Dylan: “Sooner & Later”
02:28:00 More with Gil Moon
01:05:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Sept. 25, 2010 Playlist: “Coral Moon” (00:04:30; John Cale). “Havana Moon” (00:07:00; Chuck Berry). “The Judgement [sic] of the Moon and Stars (00:15:00; Joni Mitchell). “Mountains of the Moon” (00:15:00; Grateful Dead), “Sleepin’ with the Moon” (00:18:00; Amy Rigby). “Mr. Moonlight” (00:22:30; The Beatles). “If You See Her Say Hello” (02:18:00) & “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” (02:22:30; Bob Dylan), “New Blue Moon” (02:25:00; Traveling Wilburys).
(pictured: Gil Moon)

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