Dave’s Gone By #327 (8/14/10): SUMMERY

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz

guest: Dave’s wife Joyce

Featuring: Dave chats with his lovely wife, Joyce, while she’s stuck in airport terminal hell. Plus: Summer songs, airplane songs, Steven Slater, and celebrating the Pennebakers’ Company documentary.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN – Still Summertime
00:14:00 SATURDAY SEGUE – summer songs
00:31:00 Dave’s Summer
00:40:00 DAVE GOES OFF – Steven Slater
01:03:00 Sponsors
01:05:30 SATURDAY SEGUE – airplanes
01:42:30 GUEST: Joyce Weil – Delta hell
02:10:00 Dave on Company
02:47:00 Weather & Sponsors
02:53:30 DAVE GOES OUT

Dec. 25, 2010 Playlist: “Travel On” (00:14:00; The Weavers). “Summertime Blues” (00:17:30; T. Rex). “Summer’s Gone (Tell Me True)” (00:20:00; Frogs Gone Fishin’). “Celebrated Summer” (00:24:00; Husker Du). “Summer of My Wasted Youth” (00:28:00; Amy Rigby). “Is this Any Way to Run an Airline?” (01:05:00; Tom Paxton). “Jet” (01:008:00; Paul McCartney). “This Flight Tonight” (01:12:00; Joni Mitchell). “From the Air” (01:15:00; Laurie Anderson). “Flying” (01:19:30; The Beatles). “Leaving on a Jet Plane” (01:21:30; John Denver). “Barcelona” (01:25:00 w/ Dean Jones), “Getting Married Today” (02:19:00 w/ Beth Howland), “Being Alive” (02:29:00; w/ Dean Jones), “Being Alive” (02:31:00; w/ Larry Kert) & “The Ladies Who Lunch” (02:40:30; w/ Elaine Stritch (Company, 1970 Broadway cast). “Early Morning Rain” (01:28:00; Gordon Lightfoot). “Crystal” (01:31:00) & “Private Plane” (01:34:00; Husker Du). “Fly on a Plane” (01:37:00; Christine Lavin). “Mr. Airplane Man” (01:39:00; Howlin’ Wolf).
(pictured: summer, Company, warning…)

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