Dave’s Gone By #307 (3/22/09): STONES UNTURNED

a1Host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guest co-host: Jeff Goodman

Guests: Bill German and #1 Fan Pam

Featuring: Dave and guest co-host Jeff Goodman talk with Rolling Stones biographer Bill German. Plus: Inside Broadway (33 Variations, The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd, Chicago in Thailand, Natasha Richardson), Dave’s trip to Canton, Ohio, Dave & Jeff playing games with callers. Listen to the bitter end for two very tired co-hosts!

00:00:00 DAVE GOES IN – Jeff’s Thai Trip
00:09:00 Sponsors
00:18:00 GUEST: Bill German
00:44:00 INSIDE BROADWAY – Natasha Richardson (00:47:00), More News (00:54:00), Chicago in Thailand (01:10:00), 33 Variations (01:12:30), The Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd (01:23:00)
01:33:30 A Caller – DCJ from Queens
01:41:00 Long Distance
01:47:00 Late-Night Hosts
01:56:00 DAVE GOES AWAY – to Canton, OH
02:17:30 State Capitals
02:41:30 I’m Thinking of a Person…
02:57:00 More Games (with #1 Fan, Pam)
03:25:00 DAVE GOES OUT

March 22, 2009 Playlist: Sway” (00:14:30), “Look What the Cat Dragged In” (00:42:00) & “Moonlight Mile” (03:35:00; Rolling Stones). “33 Variations on a Theme by Diabelli” (01:30:30; Ludwig von Beethoven), “Ohio” (01:59:00; The Pretenders).
(pictured: Bill German, Keith Richards & Bill German, The Football Hall of Fame, Jane Fonda in 33 Variations.)

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