Dave’s Gone By #300 (12/28/08): PERFECT GAME

host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest co-host: Jeff Goodman
guests (excerpts from previously aired segments): Issa, Juliana Hatfield, Wing, Uncle Floyd Vivino, Tovah Feldshuh, Rabbi Sol Solomon.

Featuring: Highlights from recent shows and Dave’s latest guest appearance on WOR’s “The Joey Reynolds Show,” as Dave celebrates his 300th episode!

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN
00:12:00  GUEST: Issa (from 1/13/08)
00:15:00  GUEST: Juliana Hatfield (from 5/18/08)
00:19:00  GUEST: Wing (from 10/19/08)
00:25:00  DAVE ON JOEY REYNOLDS (w/ Leonard Jacobs, Myra Chanin & Penny Landau) (aired 12/4/08 on WOR-AM)
00:42:00  SONG: “My Chanukah Wish” (Dave)
00:47:00  GUEST: Uncle Floyd Vivino (from 2/10/08)
00:49:00  SONG: “Crappy Days are Here Again” (Dave)
00:51:00  GUEST: Rabbi Sol Solomon interviews Tovah Feldshuh (aired 3/9/08)
00:52:00  DAVE GOES OUT

December 28, 2008 Playlist: “My Chanukah Wish” & “Crappy Days are Here Again” (Dave), “Come” (Dr. Sheila L. Johnson).
(pictured: Joey Reynolds, Tovah Feldshuh, Juliana Hatfield, Uncle Floyd, Wing.)

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