Dave’s Gone By #293 (10/5/08): HOFFQUUS

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz

guests: theater critic David Sheward, Carol Edmonston and #1 fan Pam Soshkin

Featuring: Carol Edmonston, niece of the late illustrator Syd Hoff, and Back Stage executive editor, David Sheward. Plus Inside Broadway & Dave’s Wall Street song, “Crappy Days are Here Again.”

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:14:00 INSIDE BROADWAY w/ David Sheward on Equus (00:15:30) and more news (00:34:00)
00:42:30 GUEST: Carol Edmonston
01:01:30 Sponsors
01:12:30 Jeff & Dave – Curses
01:19:00 Reality Shows
01:25:00 Fun with #1 Fan Pam Soshkin
02:08:30 Sponsors
02:12:00 50 DAVE GOES OUT

Oct. 5, 2008 Playlist: “Crappy Days are Here Again” (00:12:00 & 02:13:30; Dave)

(pictured (clockwise): David Sheward, Carol Edmonston, Equus w/ Daniel Radcliffe, Syd Hoff’s “Danny and the Dinosaur.”)

(pictured: Carol Edmonston, David Sheward, Syd Hoff, Daniel Radcliffe in Equus.)

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