Dave’s Gone By #280 (6/29/08): BYE GEORGE

a1host: Dave’s Gone By
guest co-host: Jeff Goodman
guests: Robert Thompson (Syracuse University), Dave’s aunt, Esther Brower

Featuring: Syracuse University professor Robert Thompson discussing the legacy of George Carlin. Plus: Dave’s aunt, Esther Brower.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN
00:13:00  GUEST: Robert Thompson
00:37:00  GUEST: Dave’s Aunt Esther
00:55:00  DAVE GOES OUT

June 29, 2008 Playlist: “People I Could Do Without” & “Keeping People Alert” & “Wonderful WINO” (George Carlin); “Many Ways” (Dave).

(pictured: George Carlin, Robert Thompson, Esther Brower (w/ Dave’s cousins), Dave Lefkowitz & Jeff Goodman)

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