Dave’s Gone By #259 (2/10/08): TWINKLE TWINKLE UNCLE FLOYD

Guest co-host: Jeff Goodman
Guest: TV legend Uncle Floyd (Vivino)

Featuring: Dave chats with TV host and musical entertainer Uncle Floyd (Vivino). Plus: Inside Broadway. Featuring guest co-host Jeff Goodman.

00:00:01  Pre- show excerpts – “Karl Ernhardt” & “Google Race!”
00:07:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:16:00  GUEST: Uncle Floyd
00:56:00  INSIDE BROADWAY – News
01:03:00  DAVE GOES OUT

Feb. 10, 2008 Playlist: “It’s Not My Place” (Ramones), “Slip Away” (David Bowie).

(pictured: Channel 68, Uncle Floyd and crew)

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