Dave’s Gone By #203 (1/14/07): BY GEORGE


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest co-host: Jeff Goodman
guest: George Nevrodis

Featuring: Dave and guest co-host Jeff Goodman chat with computer whiz and Dominican Republic resident George Nevrodis. Plus: Inside Broadway (No Child…); Dave Goes Off on The Surge.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: Wry Posts
00:09:00  DAVE’S GOT A GUEST – George Nevrodis
00:33:00  DAVE GOES OFF: The Surge
00:50:00  INSIDE BROADWAY  (No Child)
01:01:00  DAVE GOES OUT

January 14, 2007 Playlist: “Lyndon Johnson Told the Nation” (Tom Paxton), “Day After Tomorrow” (Tom Waits).

(Pictured: George Nevrodis, Nilaja Sun in No Child, The Dominican Republic.)

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