Dave’s Gone By #201 (12/31/06): THE WGBB NEW YEAR’S CRAPTACULAR


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest co-host: Jeff Goodman

guests: Mike Chimeri, Tom Ross, Bonnie D. Graham, Charles Gross, Rozanna Beaumont, Brother Clarence Thomas, James Hodge, Joyce Weil, Joel Blumberg

Featuring: A special episode with Dave and co-host Jeff Goodman ushering in the New Year with guests from WGBB’s roster, phone callers and fun.

Note: The program was edited down from its broadcast length to fit onto three CDs. Remember CDs?)
00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:12:00 Guest: Mike Chimeri
00:27:30 Guest: WGBB Programmer Tom Ross
00:37:30 Party Favors
00:41:00 Yo Soy Sauce
00:46:00 Guest: Brother Clarence Thomas
00:56:00 DAVE & JEFF: Dave Hates Xmas
00:59:00 Guest: Charles Gross
01:17:00 Guest: Rozanna Beaumont
01:24:30 Nova Scotia New Year w/ Joel Blumberg
01:29:00 Plugz
01:40:30 Dave’S Family (w/ Philip Lefkowitz, David Lippman)
01:53:00 Guest: Larry Gange from Galaxie Caterers
01:58:00 The Passings of 2006
02:03:30 The Pinnacle! w/ Joyce Weil
02:27:00 “Frank Rizzo”
02:40:30 Guests: James Hodge & Nana
02:51:00 A message from Bonnie D. Graham
02:53:00 Thank Yous
03:19:00 Midwest New Year
03:23:00 The Finale

Dec. 31, 2007 Playlist: “Ring Out Solstice Bells” (00:07:00; Jethro Tull). “New Coat of Paint” (01:37:00; Tom Waits). “Happy Days are Here Again” (02:31:30; Tiny Tim). “Auld Lang Syne” (02:57:00; Guy Lombardo). “Forever Young” (live; 03:05:00; Bob Dylan & the Band). “These are Days” (03:24:00; 10,000 Maniacs).


(pictured: Mike Chimeri, Bonnie D. Graham, Charles Gross, Jeff Goodman.)

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