Dave’s Gone By #190 (9/24/06): J.P.’S RECORD COLLECTION


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest co-host: Jeff Goodman

Featuring: Dave’s friend J.P. spins treasures from his far-flung record collection. Plus: Jeff Goodman in Alaska.

guests: record collector Jeff “J.P.” Roth

00:00:01 Pre-Show w/ J.P.
00:10:00 Pre-show chat w/ Jeff Goodman & Ouida in Alaska
00:21:00 DAVE GOES IN w/ J.P.
00:26:00 DAVE & J.P. – J.P.’s Record Collection
00:39:00 GUEST: Jeff Goodman in Alaska
00:67:00 DAVE GOES OUT

Sept. 24, 2006 Playlist: “Shivaree Shivaree” (J.D. King & the Coachmen), “Earthquake” (13th Floor Elevator), “That’s All I Know” (The Neon Boys), “Agitated” (Electric Eels), “Fish Needs a Bike” (Blurt), “Kill for Peace” (00:33:30; Fugs), “Reciprocity” (The Insect Trust), “Vanessa” (Michael Hurley), “Go Wash an Elephant” (Baby Gramps), “Same Old Man” (00:54:30; Karen Dalton), “On the Road Again” (Tom Rush).
(pictured: Jeff Roth, Baby Gramps, album art for Blurt and The Insect Trust, Karen Dalton)

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