Dave’s Gone By #179 (7/9/06): BLUE MONDAY

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: Blind Willy Nilly

Featuring: Dave gets the blues – musically. Plus farewells to Jan Murray and Lloyd Richards

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN – The Blues
00:22:00  SKIT: Blind Willy Nilly
00:45:00  DAVE REMEMBERS (w/ Jeff Goodman): Jan Murray, Lloyd Richards
00:51:00  DAVE GOES OUT

July 9, 2006 Playlist: “The White Jew Blues” (00:10:00), “Enema Blues” (00:16:00) “Frontal Lobotomy Blues” (00:38:00), “Psycho Blues” (00:41:00) & “WUSB Blues” (00:58:00; Dave). “Back Door Man” (Howlin’ Wolf).

July 9, 2006 Playlist: “Enema Blues,” “Frontal Lobotomy Blues,” “Psycho Blues,” “The White Jew Blues,” “WUSB Blues” (Dave), “Back Door Man” (Howlin’ Wolf).

Pictured: Howlin’ Wolf, Jan Murray, Lloyd Richards)

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