Dave’s Gone By #164 (3/19/06): RANDY DANDY

a1Featuring: Dave welcomes the Randy Bandits band. Plus the Girls’ PSA skit w/ Hermann Glogauer

host: Dave Lefkowitz

Guest: The Randy Bandits folk-pop group, Hermann Glogauer.

00:00:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:07:00  GUESTS: The Randy Bandits
00:50:00  SKIT: Girls’ PSA w/ Hermann Glogauer
00:51:00  DAVE GOES OUT

March 19, 2006 Playlist: “New Zealand,” “People Change” (Randy Bandits on CD); “Afterglow,” “Travelin’ Companion,” “Story of Your Life” (Randy Bandits in-studio)

(Pictured: The Randy Bandits and their albums, Jim Knable)

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