Dave’s Gone By #134 (7/7/05): POCKIT ROCKIT


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: author Ari Abramowitz (“Pockit Rockit Music Index”)

Featuring: Dave chats with author and music expert Ari Abramowitz (Pockit Rockit Music Index)

0:00:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:09:00  GUEST – Ari Abramowitz
00:53:00  DAVE GOES OUT

July 7, 2005 Playlist: “Martha My Dear” (Beatles); “Somebody Made for Me” (Emitt Rhodes),“Winter” (Tori Amos, excerpt), “Breathing” (Kate Bush, excerpt), “Ode to Divorce” (Regina Spektor), “Ninepence Worth of Walking” (Duncan Browne), “My Religion” (Paul Gilbert).

(pictured: Ari Abramowitz)

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