Dave’s Gone By #116 (2/24/05): TREASURE JESTS


host: Dave Lefkowitz

guests: Dave’s dad, Philip Lefkowitz and singer-songwriter Art Paul Schlosser

Featuring: Dave talks about being a “Radio Expert” and chats with his dad, Philip Lefkowitz. Plus: Storytime with Art Paul Schlosser’s The Treasure.

00:00:00  DAVE GOES IN
00:07:00  DAVE’S DAY – “Radio Expert”
00:25:00  DAVE’S GOT GUESTS – Philip Lefkowitz (aka Dave’s dad)
00:42:00  STORYTIME – Art Paul Schlosser reads “The Treasure”
00:49:00  DAVE GOES OUT

Feb. 24, 2005 Playlist: “Like a Rolling Stone” (Bob Dylan, excerpt)

(Pictured: Art Paul Schlosser, Philip Lefkowitz, untold treasures.)

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