Dave’s Gone By #89 (8/12/04): DERAILROADED


host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave Goes Off on the Long Island Rail Road. Plus: the satirical News Gone By and Inside Broadway looks at the funny Fringe.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN – The Republicans R Coming
00:11:00  INSIDE BROADWAY – Fringe Fest Funnies
00:19:00  DAVE GOES OFF – the LIRR, Again
00:33:00  NEWS GONE BY – Travel Fears; Prozac Water; Breathtaking Teacher (w/ Bad Pun of the Week); Lott’s Trots; Orange You Glad?; Radio Radio; Isley Stroke; Paris Burgled; MSG vs. TW; Glavine’s Choppers; Judo Jumpers; Historical Garages; Rick James.
00:48:00  DAVE GOES OUT – w/ Mark Knopfler birthday tribute

August 12, 2004 Playlist: “Derailroaded” (Wild Man Fischer), “Why Worry” (Dire Straits).

(the LIRR, Mark Knopfler)

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