Dave’s Gone By #87 (7/29/04): A DISTANT STAR

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz
guests: musician Dustin Ehrlich, Handyman Yoni

Featuring: Dave chats with musician Dustin Ehrlich. Plus: Inside Broadway (After the Fall) and self-help from Handyman Yoni on caulk.

00:00:00  DAVE GOES IN: Convention Coming
00:11:00  INSIDE BROADWAY: Miller’s After the Fall
00:18:00  SKIT: Handyman Yoni – “Caulk”
00:30:00  DAVE’S GOT GUESTS – jazz guitarist Dustin Ehrlich
00:51:00  DAVE GOES OUT

July 29, 2004 Playlist: “The Empty Mirror” (Dustin Ehrlich); live music & more songs from Dustin Ehrlich’s CD, “A Distant Star.”

(pictured: Dustin Ehrlich’s album, Dustin Ehrlich, Carla Gugino, Peter Krause & Jessica Hecht in After the Fall, caulking gun.)

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