Dave’s Gone By #64 (2/9/04): WELL, I’M 64


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: Rabbi Sol Solomon (spiritual leader, Temple Sons of Bitches, Great Neck, NY)

Featuring: Dave celebrates Valentine’s Day with the News Gone By and a romantic medley. Plus: Ask the Rabbi with Rabbi Sol Solomon. 

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: The search for a new greeting; Ticket giveaway; Get Ready to `Ask the Rabbi’
00:14:00  NEWS GONE BY: Ricin Riceout; Schumer’s Causes; Janet n’ Justin (Frivolous Lawsuit Time); Tower Tumbles; Chinese Stampede; Chinese Takeaway; Moo-lah; Martha Stewart & Flaccidex; Broadway Blues; Diamond Dungs; Crude Oil; Virginity for Sale; Men in Skirts; Split-Level Dead
00:34:00  SKIT: ASK THE RABBI: Rabbi Sol Solomon on Valentine’s Day, Love & taking listeners’ phone calls.
00:55:00  VALENTINE MEDLEY: Love Songs, of sorts
01:15:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Thank yous, Update on Steve the Whistler & October Project.

February 9, 2004 Playlist: “When I’m 64” (Beatles); “Mazeltov Dances” (Mickey Katz); “Little Thing Called Love” (Neil Young); “Some Kinda Love” (Velvet Underground); “Lovers in a Dangerous Time” (Bruce Cockburn). “Lover’s Walk” (Elvis Costello); “Message of Love” (Pretenders); “If I Could” (October Project).

(pictured: Rabbi Sol Solomon)

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