Dave’s Gone By #63 (2/2/04): MONDAY EVENING QUARTERBACK

host: Dave Lefkowitz
Featuring: Dave goes off on The Super Bowl and offers a medley of winter songs. Plus: The satirical  News Gone By.        

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: The search for a new catchphrase; Ticket giveaway
00:19:00  DAVE GOES OFF: The Super Bowl
00:30:00  NEWS GONE BY: Clinton’s Memoirs; Amish in the City; Hit Me James Brown; Jesus Juice; Givens’ SUV; Black n’ Blue Berry; Trebek’s Truck; Lottery Loser; Tasty Coins; Mommy Deadest; Harry Fleetwood & Jack Paar.
00:48:00  WINTER SONGS: Music mix of songs about to the season
01:19:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Thank yous, Dave on CD

February 2, 2004 Playlist: “Ain’t It Funky Now (James Brown); “The Death of Mary Queen of Scots” (Monty Python’s Flying Circus). “Winterlude” (Bob Dylan); “Cracking” (Suzanne Vega); “The Blizzard” (Judy Collins); “Man of Double Deed” (Clancy Brothers). “Blow Wind Blow” (Tom Waits). “Frozen Warnings” (Nico). “Winter” (Rolling Stones). “Ice Cold Ice” (Husker Du).


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