Dave’s Gone By #59 (1/5/04): OH FOUR HEAVEN’S SAKE!


host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave Goes Off on the New Year. Plus: the satirical News Gone By, and tributes to David Bowie’s birthday and black & white M&Ms.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: A quiet new year, an email onslaught, and the beauty of radio.
00:24:00  NEWS GONE BY: Terrorism Chess; Ben Franklin – Terrorist; Arts Funding; Iranian Mirthquake; Swingline Dollah-Dollah; Oyster Solidarity; Frivolous Lawsuit Time (Playground Mishap); McDonald’s Spilling & Starbucks Burning; Jets and Sharks; Dead Man Dangling (Bad Pun of the Week); Adios Ephedra; M&Ms in B&W; The Inc; My Big Fat Obnoxious Title; Croc Teaser; Bull on the Highway; Steinbrenner Faints; When a Bee Smells Blood; The Toilet Bowl; Food Chain Barbie.
01:10:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Birthday tribute to David Bowie; Thank Yous.

Playlist: “Five Years,” “Fantastic Voyage,” “Golden Years” & “Heroes” (David Bowie), “Coffee in a Cardboard Cup” (The World Goes `Round off-Broadway cast recording); “B-Side” ({live version}; Loudon Wainwright III); “B&W M&Ms” (Dave).

(2004, David Bowie, M&Ms)

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