Dave’s Gone By #54 (12/1/03): 54 STUDIO

a4host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave celebrates Woody Allen’s birthday and offers the satirical News Gone By. Plus: Inside Broadway (Wonderful Town) and Dave’s skits, Woody Allen Calls His Analyst and Wrong Island Cablevision.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: Greetings
00:05:00  WOODY ALLEN BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE (w/ Woody’s Analyst skit)
00:30:00  NEWS GONE BY (War of Attrition, Clark’s Bark; Neil Bush’s Orientation; Football Escorts; Down Smelldrome (Bad Pun of the Week); Glen Campbell in the Soup; DVD Stampede; Mrs. Santa Claus; Bad Bus-ness; Good Samomitan; Dinner with Meiweiss; Smoke `em If You Steal `em”; Country Road 6FU; Geuda Guns; Garbage Man; Mouthy Python; Cablevision of Wrong Island (skit); Squid or Get Off the Pot; Too Cool To Do Ticonderoga; Boy Dog Pondering; Klan BBQ; Orgasmatron).
01:10:00  DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL: Theater Review & music from Broadway’s Wonderful Town.
01:22:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Farewells, Mailbag & Thank Yous.

December 1, 2003 Playlist: “Phoenix Envy” (Dave, 39:00), “The Ballad of Woody & Mia” (Loose Bruce Kerr), “The Great Renaldo, “Summing Up” (Woody Allen).



(pictured: Woody Allen, Studio 54)

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