Dave’s Gone By #51 (11/10/03): THE YOUNG BOSTONIAN

Dave Lefkowitz
guest: theater critic Caldwell Titcomb

Featuring: Dave’s trip to Boston and catching Robyn Hitchcock in concert there. Plus: theater critic Caldwell Titcomb, the satirical News Gone By, a birthdave tribute to Neil Young, and the skit, “Eggs, Bacon and Penis.”

Note: Caldwell TItcomb passed away in June 2011 at age 84.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: A trip to Boston – Amtrak, quails, Havard Square, Robyn Hitchcock at Johnny D’s.
00:22:00  DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL: Boston theater, w/ critic Caldwell Titcomb. Reviews of Butley, Les Miz, Shear Madness
00:34:00  NEWS GONE BY: Gucci Goners; EU New; Happy Ram (Bad Pun of the Week); The Reagan Mini-series; Muscle Ache; Egg, Bacon & Penis; My Client Shot the Sheriff; Hunting Accident; Daddy Letterman; Sick Britney; Nuts to You; The Big Sloppy.
00:45:00  SKIT: Eggs, Bacon & Penis
01:01:00  SEGUE: Neil Young
01:20:00  DAVE GOES OUT

Nov. 10, 2003 Playlist: “Uncorrected Personality Traits” (Robyn Hitchcock), “Flying on the Ground is Wrong,” “Southern Man,” “Scattered” (Neil Young), “Eggs, Bacon & Penis” (Dave).




(pictured: Caldwell Titcomb, Robyn Hitchcock, Neil Young, Nathan Lane in Butley, Shear Madness, Boston, MA.)


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