Dave’s Gone By #48 (10/20/03): TEN TWENTY, SIX THIRTY

a1host: Dave Lefkowitz
guests: actor Robert Clohessy, theater critic Jeannie Lieberman.

Featuring: Dave chats with actor Robert Clohessy and theater critic Jeannie Lieberman. Plus: the satirical News Gone By, a musical birthday tribute to poet Arthur Rimbaud, and Dave’s song, OxyContin Rush.

Note: Alas, this show had some technical problems, including missing the first couple of minutes and some audio over-modulation in a segment or two. It’s livable. – Dave

00:00:00  DAVE GOES IN: Opening comments, introducing the guests.
00:10:00  DAVE’S GOT GUESTS: Actor Robert Clohessy (Rounding Third, TV’s “Oz”)
00:27:00  DAVE’s GONE CULTURAL: Theater reviews (Avenue Q, Little Shop of Horrors, Omnium-Gatherum) w/ critic Jeanne Lieberman.
00:40:30  NEWS GONE BY: Scary Ferry; Gaza Oops; Mother Theresa; China in Space; “I Have Amtrak”; Shoot Me in the Ass; Silicone Returns; OxyContin Rush; Bartman vs. The Marlins; Topless Roy; Ghettopoly; “School’s Food Sickens Pupils”; Punishing KISS.
01:08:00  DAVE GETS POETIC: Torn Down a la Rimbaud.
01:22:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Thank yous & best wishes.

Oct. 20, 2003 Playlist: “The More You Love Someone” (Avenue Q), “OxyContin Rush” (Dave, 42:00), “In the Ghetto” (Nick Cave), “End of the Night” (The Doors), “Babelogue” (Patti Smith), “Torn Down a la Rimbaud” (Van Morrison), “Shoot Me in the Ass” (Wesley Willis).


(pictured: Robert Clohessy, Jeannie Lieberman, Rimbaud)

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