Dave’s Gone By #47 (10/13/03): HELLO COLUMBUS

a2host: Dave Lefkowitz
guests: Lenore Campos of the Toto Company, Rabbi Sol Solomon (spiritual leader of Temple Sons of Bitches, Great Neck, NY.

Featuring: Dave chats with Toto’s Lenore Campos about washlets! Plus: Dave Goes Off on the governator, Rabbi Sol Solomon on Christopher Columbus, and Dave’s song, & Makin’ Poopies.

00:00:00  DAVE GOES IN: Opening comments on time, exploration and urination.
00:15:00  DAVE GOES OFF: Ahhnuuuld, the Governator
00:27:00  GUEST: Lenora Campos, of the Toto company, discusses their new advance in toilet-making: “The Washlet.”
00:50:00  SKIT: “Rabbi Columbus.” Rabbi Sol Solomon explains, in verse, why Columbus was obviously Jewish.
01:07:00  NEWS GONE BY: Obscene Principal; Rap the Vote; Taking Bananas for Granite; Finicky Eaters; Soccer Astronomy; Cannibalism – The Milky Way; Daddy Really Long Legs; Hola Almiqui; Gettin’ FluMist.
01:16:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Thank yous, best wishes, and an October Project tune.

Oct. 13, 2003 Playlist: “Makin’ Poopies” (00:40:00; Dave), “Columbus Discovers America” (Stan Freberg), “Eyes of Mercy” (October Project).


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