Dave’s Gone By #44 (9/15/03): THE STORY SO FAR


host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave’s trip to San Francisco. Plus: the satirical News Gone By, and Dave Remembers Johnny Cash and Warren Zevon.
00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: First show of the second season. New time/day: Mondays, 6:30-8pm. A look back and an explanation of what the show is.
00:11:00  DAVE GOES OFF: What Dave did on his summer vacation, plus the blackout & 9/11.
00:23:00  NEWS GONE BY: 9/11 Again; Bad Air Day; Bona Fide News; NoSir Yassir; Mepham Football; Healthcare Sickness; Spamelot; Hippo Lagoon; Blaine in a Box; Cargo Boy; Twins Go Head-to-Head; Saturn’s Tilts (Bad Pun of the Week); RIAA Extortion; Simon & Geritolfunkel; Slip n’ Slide (Frivolous Lawsuit Time); Chong’s Bongs; Espresso Taxo; A Nose for Nuts.
01:11:00  DAVE REMEMBERS: Tributes to John Ritter, Johnny Cash & Warren Zevon.
01:22:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Final remarks; a nod to Wesley Willis.

Sept. 15, 2003 Playlist: “Bring Out Your Dead” (“Monty Python & the Holy Grail” {excerpt}); “I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You” (Earl Robinson); “The Gift” ({live} 00:34:00; Velvet Underground); “Old Friends” (Simon & Garfunkel); “Let’s Make a Dope Deal” (Cheech & Chong); “The Man in Black” (Johnny Cash); “Wanted Dead or Alive” (Warren Zevon)


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