Dave’s Gone By #42 (7/27/03): THE 42 OF SUMMER

ZZ-042-The42ofSummer-07-27-03host: Dave Lefkowitz
guests: broadcaster Joe Salzone and satirist Bruce Kluger

Featuring: Dave chats with satirist Bruce Kluger. Also: the satirical News Gone By and a birthday salute to Jerry Garcia.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: Dave pontificates pseudo-intellectually.
00:06:00 NEWS GONE BY: Gunfight at City Hall; Tongue Transplants; Sillycones; No Toe; Prostate of the Union; Purple Polar Bear; Betsy the Blasted Giraffe; Electrifying Basketball (w/ Bad Pun of the Week); Pay to Pee; Big River & Roger Miller; Duck!; Stink Weed; Speedy Geezers; Obits: David “Six Degrees” Hampton, Uday & Koosay, the Hussein boys, and (prematurely) Idi “Salty” Amin; Bye Bye Blackbird.
00:34:00  DAVE’S GOT GUESTS: columnist and satirist, Bruce Kluger
00:48:00  DAVE GOES OUT: Jerry Garcia’s birthday; Dave’s thank yous.

July 27, 2003 Playlist: “Guv’ment” (Big River original cast), “Bye Bye Blackbird” (Elizabeth Welch), “Wharf Rat” (Grateful Dead).

(pictured: Joe Salzone, Bruce Kluger, Jerry Garcia)

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