Dave’s Gone By #33 (5/18/03): THIRTY THREE AND A WORD

a3host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Dave looks at premature aging and remembers old friend George Ehrlich. Plus: Dave’s Gone Cultural (Tony nominations and Les Miz), the satirical News Gone By, the skit “Hell on the Stairwell” and Dave Remembers musician Noel Redding.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: How to listen on-line, the aging of Dave, a seriously UN-funny book, the death of George Ehrlich.
00:24:00  NEWS GONE BY: Bring Me The Head of Don Rickles, “Hell in the Stairwell,” JFK’s Lover, Diapers are a Girl’s Best Friend.
00:40:00  DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL: Tony nominations & farewell Les Miz
00:49:00  DAVE GOES OUT: a tribute to Noel Redding and a sneer at the MTA 

May 18, 2003 Playlist: “Old Man” & “God’s Song” (Randy Newman), “Drink With Me” (Les Miserables original cast), “Little Miss Strange” (Jimi Hendrix).

(pictured: the MTA, Les Miserables, Noel Redding)

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