Dave’s Gone By #25 (3/23/03): A CODEWORK ORANGE


host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: broadcaster Michael Artsis

Featuring: Dave chats with broadcaster Michael Artsis, Goes Off on Wall Street, gets political about Life During Wartime and sings "When Bushie Goes Marching In." Plus: the satirical News Gone By.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN – Life During Wartime
00:05:00  DAVE GOES FURTHER IN – Spontaneous Talk
00:17:00  NEWS GONE BY (Code Orange Again; Bulldozers n’ Tractors; Pretzels n’ Goldfish; Light Cigarettes and Hot Ash)
00:45:00  DAVE GOES OFF on Wall Street
00:57:00  GUEST: Michael Artsis
01:16:00  DAVE GOES OUT

March 23, 2003 Playlist: “When Bushie Goes Marching In” (Dave, 55:00), “Shut Up, Be Happy” (Ice T w/ Jello Biafra, 2:00), “Masters of Revenge” (Ice T), “A-B-C” (How Now Dow Jones original Broadway cast).

(pictured: Michael Artsis, the Bush curve and the Bush bump)

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