Dave’s Gone By #23 (3/9/03): 23 SKIDOO!

a3host: Dave Lefkowitz
guest: theater critic Jeff Goodman

For his 23rd episode, Dave explores the origins of the phrase 23 Skidoo and chats with theater critic Jeff Goodman. Plus: the satirical News Gone By.

00:00:01  DAVE GOES IN: Lucky number 23, Super Bowl 38.
00:07:00  NEWS GONE BY
00:29:00  The Broadway Strike
00:34:00  GUEST: Jeff Goodman
00:60:00  DAVE GETS TRIVIAL – 23 Skidoo
01:11:00  DAVE GOES OUT – Jay

March 9, 2003 Playlist: “The Train” (Roches), “The 23rd Psalm” (Bobby McFerrin), “Box of Rain” (Grateful Dead).

(pictured: striking stagehands and a striking photo of Jeff Goodman)

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