Dave’s Gone By #5 (11/3/02): TAKE FIVE


host: Dave Lefkowitz

Featuring: Comedy and culture on Dave’s fifth episode, including the satirical News Gone By, Dave’s Gone Cultural about the theater, the Giving Chimp skit, the Peter Byfield political skit, the World Weird Web, and Inside Broadwway.

00:00:01 DAVE GOES IN
00:02:30 NEWS GONE BY w/ Peter Byfield skit (00:06:00)
00:20:00 SKIT: The Giving Chimp
00:27:30 DAVE’S GONE CULTURAL – theater reviews (00:28:00; Amour / 00:29:30; Flower Drum Song / 00:36:00; Movin’ Out)
00:44:00 WORLD WEIRD WEB: bushorchip, Duke & LaRouche
00:53:30 DAVE GOES OUT
Nov. 3, 2002 Playlist: “You Are Beautiful,” (00:32:00; Flower Drum Song1958 Bway cast); “Summer Highland Falls” (00:39:00; Billy Joel). “In a Silent Way” (Miles Davis), “The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead” (00:52:30; XTC).


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