Dave’s Gone By Song (1/26/03): A DINGO ATE MY BABY


Dave goes down under to sing of a tasty tragedy.

Segment originally aired Jan. 26, 2003, as part of the “Dave’s Gone By” radio program hosted by Dave Lefkowitz.

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A dingo ate my baby
It happened late last night
He snuck into the nursery
And pulled her out of sight

He chewed her up like candy
He spit her out like phlegm
There’s other corpses in the world
And she looks just like them

A dingo ate my baby
The mangy little beast
My wife said, “Call a doctor!”
The doc said, “Call a priest.”

A dingo ate my baby
The furry little sinner
He et the head for breakfast
And he et the bum for dinner

A dingo ate my baby
There’s blood upon his snout
He swallowed all the organs
But he spat the eyeballs out

A dingo ate my baby
He ripped her with his claws
You can see it on his fangs
You can smell it on his jaws

A dingo ate my baby
He picked the ribcage clean
He barfed up her intestines
And they smell like Diaparene

A dingo ate my baby
He bashed her head on stones
And all that’s left is baby hair
And teeny little bones

My wife is going crazy
She’s always been high strung
She’s out there picking baby teeth
From lumps of dingo dung

My wife is like a banshee
She’s in a fucking snit
I’d try to give her comfort
But she stinks of dingo shit

A dingo ate my baby
We’ll never have another
I’d gladly pay the dingo
To come back and eat her mother.

©2003 David Lefkowitz

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